Sensors can help tackle the vaping epidemic in schools

Vaping is rising dramatically among school children. It is linked to health risks, mental health problems and addiction. It needs to be tackled urgently.  

Vape Guardian offers a solution to make your school a safer place. Detectors instantly alert staff if vaping happens on site, so you can act quickly. 

Detectors monitor your bathrooms and any areas where a camera cannot be placed 24/7, so you don’t have to.

Our sensors have been found to half incidents of vaping within just two weeks. 

  • Quick and easy to install  
  • Accurate and effective readings 
  • Instant alerts  
  • Reduces staff hours patrolling
  • No cameras required  
  • Cost effective 

We’re here to help put a stop to vaping in schools

  • 9% of 11–15 year olds currently vape
  • 16% of children admit to trying e-cigarettes
  • 52% of those who vape use disposable e-cigarettes
  • Elf bars found to contain 50% over the legal nicotine limit
  • Vaping-related child hospital admissions quadruple in 2022
  • VapeGuardian can reduce vaping by up to 50% in two weeks

Vape Guardian is your school’s solution to tackle vaping

Vaping can be difficult to detect without smart vape detectors. Vape Guardian allows schools to monitor for vaping easily and affordably 

Wireless Sensors

Our sensors are mains powered and wi-fi enabled for fast and simple installation in almost any indoor location. 

Deter & Discourage

Installing accurate and intelligent sensors, along with the signage that we provide with every order, has been shown to significantly reduce the number of students been caught vaping. 

Helping to put an end to vaping in schools


Save on staff hours patrolling vaping hotspots by ensuring only legitimate vaping instances are investigated

Vaping can be difficult to detect without smart vape detectors. Vape Guardian allows schools to monitor for vaping easily and affordably 

  • Store records of alerts – See historical alert data to identify the most troublesome areas in the school 
  • Choose alert types – Select how each individual member of staff receives alerts, via SMS, email or push notifications 
  • Assign the right staff – Customise who receives certain alerts based on working schedules and proximity to sensors 
  • Fast response times – From vaping being detected to receiving a notification is as fast as 5 seconds 
With the text and e-mail alerts we receive, we have been able to reduce the number of vaping incidents dramatically and created a better atmosphere for allI would highly recommend these vape alarms in a school setting.Brockington College
Trials are proving to be successful. Sensors are easy to setup and we are receiving alerts.Emanuel School

A Nationwide Epidemic

Vaping is a major issue for our teachers, parents and students. It is affecting the health, attainment, behaviour and development of our children.  

Sensors are proving effective in schools to tackle and reduce vaping, but more needs to be done to stop us creating a new generation of addicts. 

Vape Guardian is committed to supporting schools, but without tighter regulations that reduce the attractiveness of vaping, this popularity pandemic will continue to rise.   

We are collaborating with the health and education sector to ensure regulations go further to protect children from taking up vaping in the first place, as well as explore better guidance to support schools in reducing the problem. 

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