The smart way to detect indoor vaping

Fast, effective and affordable solution to detect vaping in schools and public spaces.

VapeGuardian is simple to install and provides instant protection. It will sense the smallest hint of vapour released from an e-cigarette and immediately send an alert to a designated user vis SMS, email or push notification.

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    Clear the air with smart vape detection

    Vaping is rising at an alarming rate across Canada

    Vaping, the use of electronic cigarettes, has become increasingly widespread in the Canada in recent years. According to a survey conducted by the Canadian Lung Association, the number of people aged under 24 who use e-cigarettes in Canada is around 675,000 – 400,00 in grades 6 to 12 ands 275,00 aged 20 – 24 years.

    17% of students in grades 7-12 reported using a vaping product (an e-cigarette) within the last 30 days

    5.2 million Canadians aged 15 and over have reported to have tried vaping

    100% of e-cigarette packaging mislabels its ingredients. meaning no one understands that they are inhaling

    Canada has some of the highest teen vaping rates in the world

    The VapeGuardian System

    Our innovative vaping detection system is designed to provide easy and efficient monitoring of indoor spaces. With its simple installation process, this device can be placed anywhere, allowing users to experience the benefits of 24/7 protection.

    VapeGuardian’s vaping detection system is highly sensitive and has been specifically designed not to detect any other air pollutants, eliminating false alarms and providing only accurate alerts to users.

    This cutting-edge system also provides instant notifications through SMS, email, or push notifications within 5 seconds of detecting vaping, giving users the ability to act quickly and effectively. Its customised web portal allows managers to add staff, create rooms, manage sensors and much more, providing multiple users access to the system with ease.

    * Notification speeds depend on room size, ventilation and wifi speed

    Monitor Any Indoor Spaces

    Our highly sensitive sensors can detect vaping in any number or situations with a range of around 30m³.

    Our sensors have been designed to not mistake any other air pollutants for e-cigarette vapour. In addition, our always developing research and ability to remotely change what sensors detect for, means that VapeGuardian sensors are future proofed against changes in vaping technology.

    Trusted Worldwide

    Our sensors are trusted by a growing number of schools and other organisations all over the world.

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    Available on iOS, Android and any web browser

    Smart Cloud Admin Control

    Flexible and timely access to the VapeGuardian system via most web-enable devices

    Add, edit and remove sensors

    Add, edit and remove sensors

    Room Management

    Add, edit and remove rooms for improved vape detection in an organisation

    Staff Management

    Users with ‘Manager’ level permissions can add, edit and remove staff members

    Alert History

    See historic alerts to better understand vaping trends

    Receive Notifications

    Alerts detailing exactly where and vaping is detected

    Profile Management

    Change alert types and organisational information

    Who Are VapeGuardian?

    VapeGuardian is based in Southampton, UK with offices and a presence all over the world. Founded in June 2022 and the first device being sold in October 2022, VapeGuardian has quickly become the leading choice in vape detection.

    The company was originally known as SMF Systems: a cost effective, simple and effective vape detection solution in a market of expensive and complicated solutions. In March 2023 the business repositioned itself as a cause-first organisation, rebranding as VapeGuardian.

    Our focus is on continuing to provide a cutting edge solution for deterring a detecting vaping, whilst educating people on the potential harms of vaping. Harms that are not widely known. Our goal is to devolve vaping back to its original purpose of helping people to stop smoking.

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