Detecting vaping has never been simpler

Are you the owner of a shop, restaurant, bar or leisure facilities that experiences patrons vaping on the premises? Are you concerned about the potential hazards of vaping devices, including the risk of fire, unpleasant odors, and health concerns for your employees and customers?

These concerns are not unfounded. Vaping devices can pose a significant risk of fire due to their reliance on batteries, and the smoke and vapor produced can impact the air quality in your establishment. Moreover, the lack of proper ventilation and control can expose your employees and customers to the harmful chemicals and particles that are present in e-cigarette aerosols.

That’s where VapeGuardian comes in. Our state-of-the-art vape sensors are designed to detect and alert staff immediately when someone is vaping on the premises. This allows you to take quick action and ensure that vaping is only done in designated areas, protecting your property and the health and safety of your staff and patrons.

With VapeGuardian, you can have peace of mind knowing that your establishment is safe and compliant with vaping regulations. So why wait? Get in touch with us today and let us help you protect your business with our innovative vape sensors.

  • Quick and easy to install  
  • Accurate and effective readings 
  • Instant alerts  
  • Deters use of e-cigarettes
  • Cost effective 

We’re here to help put a stop to vaping in public places

  • 4.2 million people in the UK vape
  • Vaping can be highly addictive
  • A lot of people who vape do not consider vaping to be offensive
  • Many people vape in public spaces because it is difficult to detect
  • Vaping can leave a difficult to clean residue on surfaces
  • VapeGuardian can deter and catch e-cigarette use

Vape Guardian is your organisation's solution to tackle vaping

Detecting vaping can be challenging, but with the help of smart vape detectors from Vape Guardian, businesses can monitor for vaping effectively and affordably.

Wireless Sensors

Our sensors are mains powered and wi-fi enabled for fast and simple installation in almost any indoor location. 

Deter & Discourage

Installing accurate and intelligent sensors, along with the signage that we provide with every order, has been shown to significantly reduce the number of vaping incidents. 


Our support team of engineers, developers and product experts are on hand to answer any questions that you might have about anything VapeGuardian for your leisure or retail business

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